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THE BISHOP LAW FIRM and Associates is managed by Reginald B. Bishop, Esq. and is located at 2253 N. Carrollton Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46205. The Bishop Law Firm is actively engaged in the general practice of law, placing special emphasis on personal injury and wrongful death litigation. The firm is currently a multi-lawyer, multi-ethnic operation but is minority-owned, and is ideally situated just north of the downtown financial and legal district.


Consistent with the mandate of The Bishop Law Firm to totally service our clients’ needs, we have attracted only talented individuals with proven ability, a high degree of integrity, strong academic training and performance, and impeccable reputation.  The staff has decades of experience, reflecting scholarship, commitment to public service, leadership, as well as personal and professional achievements.  The firm encourages its employees to pursue continuing legal and supportive education.


We offer a custom service to our clients, designed to deliver a top quality product and to meet the personal and/or business needs of each individual client we serve.  We have established hourly rates and contingent fee arrangements fees tailored to be competitive with current market rates.  If you are interested in having any unanswered questions addressed with regard to this Summary, of if you wish to visit our offices to meet our staff, please do not hesitate to contact us HERE.

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